LOGO Turns 40!

Wired's Science Blog reports that everyone's favorite Turtle turns 40 this week! Unfortunately, Wired's blog entry mentions nothing of Seymour Papert, the educational theorists/practitioner who, with a team at MIT, developed the LOGO programming language, a dialect of Lisp. What we do get from the blog entry and its comments is how people first encountered Logo, typically back in the 1980s at the keyboard of an Apple ][.

I used MicroWorlds EX Robotics last year in my Educational Technology Graduate Program through Pepperdine's OMET Program, under the guidance of Gary Stager, a huge proponent of LOGO. The Learning Adventure Dr. Stager had us complete was challenging and very, very fun. Take a look at the page I documented my work on for some examples of LOGO code and to see the pretty pictures my classmates' turtles and mine drew!