Mambo Server

I have been learning Mambo, a Content Management System that forked from Joomla, another CMS that many people I worked with in OMET have fallen for. I learned to use Mambo because I manage the Mercer Island Education Association website. Using CMS on a project like this makes maintaining such a site a breeze: there is a built-in text editor, you can upload files, be they graphics, audio, or video, and all the content snaps into perfectly formatted pages with no need to edit any html or create any design. I also feel it important to have experience using a CMS to manage a web site, as these are valuable skills.

My only gripe is that I cannot seem to make the management side of things work on a Mac. I've tried Safari and Firefox and they both hang when I am saving changes. I finally resorted to running Internet Explorer in a Parallels virtual machine running XP. It makes me feel a little dirty, running XP inside the Mac, but it gets the job done.


GreenArt said…
Sometimes we need to get our hands dirty with the PC. Sigh.
Anne said…
Ugh. Mambo. That is the bane of my existence. I had to take a class at AiS on how to take Mambo and the teacher did not know how to teach the class. I came away knowing nothing about it other then it frustrates me SOOO much!!!

You'll be amused to know that Mack wants to take my PC and wipe it out and use it as some sort of network backup for us. :P
Unknown said…
Just a little, but important point. Mambo is 8 years old and is the parent that Joomla forked from.

Mambo used to be called "Mambo Server" but changed its name to "Mambo Open Source" then later just "Mambo" - this all happened years ago and its been "Mambo" for at least the past 4-5 years.

More information about Mambo can be found at the Official Mambo home.

The latest release is Mambo 4.6.4. If you are using an older release it would pay to upgrade as there are security improvements in 4.6.4.
You can read the announcement here on the Mambo forums.