Polaroid Getting Out of Polaroids

The New York Times reports that digital photography has finally killed the Polaroid instant film. Polaroid quit producing commercial instant photography equipment two years ago and killed off its consumer models last year.

I guess it is time to go stockpile film for the two Polaroid Land Cameras that I have: a model 100, used to shoot the photo above, "Chunkulation," as well as a folding-style camera that I own but have not replaced the battery or yet shot film on. Now is the time! Meg owns a JoyCam, an inexpensive last-gasp effort Polaroid put out in the mid-1990s, but we haven't used that one in years, either. Polaroid claims to have manufactured enough film to last through 2009, though I think it prudent to get it while you can. The article does note, however, that it is willing to license the technologies to third parties to continue producing film.


Even though I don't own or use a Polaroid camera, it saddened me to hear this news.
Josh Burker said…
For sure: it's definitely an "end of an era" feeling....