Mac68K Sings! "The Peter & Ians Sing! Acoustic Renditions of the Lost Songs of Die Klammern"

Back before Mac68K released its Experimental Apple album, Peter and I experimented with Apple's HyperCard program to see how it could handle audio and the different directions we could take with this project. We recorded an unreleased album under a slightly different band name, Mac68K Experience. Full of opaque melodies that annoy most people, to paraphrase Captain Beefheart, it remains unreleased because it would probably annoy most people. But it showed Peter and I what HyperCard was capable of doing with audio and gave us an opportunity to experiment with different compositions and for me, the possibility of using randomness as a component in music composition on a computer.

Peter emailed me to let me know that he sorted through a bunch of stuff and came across a track we recorded during this Mac68K Experience session that was a cover of a Peter & Ians song, "Tapir." The Mac68K Experience version, "HyperTapir," is a great example of Peter's early experiments with using HyperCard to actually compose structured, formal pieces. You can buy The Peter and Ians album from their MySpace page, but I'm going to hip you to the unreleased Mac68K Experience version here! Dig it!