Greens Farms Academy

I was flown out to Connecticut last Thursday for an interview and to teach a fourth grade class at Greens Farms Academy, an independent K-12 school. Despite taking the red-eye flight, I managed not to put my foot in my mouth and the lesson I taught, a writing assignment that utilized a Microsoft Word form I created and VoiceThread, was well-accepted by the students, teachers, and Technology department members.

So, next fall I will join the faculty at Greens Farms Academy as the new Lower School Coordinator of Academic Technology! It is an exciting position and a new challenge for me!


Congrats Josh! Your new position sounds great and I know you will do a fabulous job! Don't forget your friends back in the NW!!
Anne said…
That's awesome! Congratulations! Mom told me already but that is still pretty awesome! We're all spreading away from Seattle slowly but surely.

Congrats again! :)
DG said…
damn dude I just got to town!
Congrats man