The Seattle to Connecticut Road Trip

After months of preparation we are ready for our Seattle to Connecticut road trip. We're driving via Arizona so we can visit Adam, Jody, and Tyler and fulfill Meg's dream to see the Grand Canyon.

Meg made an excellent calendar to get us to the point of departure:

It broke down day-by-day what we needed to do to get packed and prepared for the journey.

The moving van came and picked up our belongings on July 21:

With the big items packed, we then loaded up Meg's car and got ready for the trip to Connecticut.

In order to keep it nerdy I am tracking our gas mileage using GeekGas on my Newton MessagePad 2100. I looked at Catamount Software's MPG but it was a bit too full-featured for me: all I needed to do was track gas mileage. I wish I could export the data from GeekGas but alas, it is not to be.

Additionally, to keep things interesting we adopted our friend Jen's dog Zoe two days prior to leaving Seattle:

She is in charge of levity for the trip.

Keep posted for dispatches from the road.


KTranster said…
Just started reading your updates. Congrats on your new adventures AND dog!