Monday, January 26, 2009

FETC Blogging

So, live blogging at FETC didn't work out. While they had free wifi, you had to open your browser and let it redirect to an ego-stroking message from the sponsor before the wireless connection would work. Unfortunately, as I have the eMate configured I couldn't fit NetHopper on it, which would have handled a re-direct. I got my MessagePad working with a re-direct when I took it to a conference, so I know it would have worked. I have to figure out what to remove from my eMate so I can shoehorn NetHopper onto it.

However, I did use the eMate to take my notes for the day. There were some good, informative presentations I attended. I will get them posted as soon as I have a chance to spell check them.

I also managed to find the "grocery market" across from the Convention Center that Allen and I found in 2005, when we were at FETC with our OMET cadre. I knew they had a good lamb gyro, and since I hadn't had one since moving to Connecticut I was pretty excited. I refreshed myself after my presentation.

Update: I ended up removing a couple of packages from my eMate that weren't needed, like the Newton Internet Enabler Modem and Serial support, since I use a wifi card to connect to NCX and the Internet. However, even after removing packages I still had only 460K available, and NetHopper 3.2 takes about 440K of storage space. Exasperated, I looked at the Storage soups on the eMate and found that the Courier cache was 335K! I set the Courier cache preference to be 10% of the store size, hence the huge cache. I cranked that way down, to its lowest setting. I now have nearly 800K of space, enough for NetHopper with plenty of space to spare.

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