Web 2.0 Tools: Margaret Riel and OMET

- VoiceThreads
= HS, professional; MS; elementary
- Blogging
= HS/pro
* reflective
* communicating with the community and world
* communicating what works and doesn't work so everybody can learn what you are doing
* classroom blog: reflect on questions that the teacher poses
- turning in their work to a global audience, peers, teacher
- allows them to get comments on their work
- gives reluctant students a voice
= http://mindmaps.wikispaces.com/Blogs
= Personal Learning Network entries
= their comments make them producers of information
= middle school blogs
* blogging can be scary to parents: new to them
* password protected: every student needs their own password
* can moderate comments
* once its up and going and parents are more comfortable, can losen restrictions
* http://perrydale6th.blogspot.com
* http://missspencersclass.blogspot.com
- blog about the teacher's experience in FL
- ties into a lesson about FL for the students
- includes a Voicethread
= Elementary
* students respond to questions posed by the teacher
* uses iWeb to put together the blog through the MobileMe Apple site
- Voicethread
= Images, documents
= poetry
* poetry comes alive when the students are able to share their work
* scan their poems and share them
* makes it hard to lose their work
- http://mindmaps.wikispaces.com/Collaborative+Tools
- empowerment through networking