Mad Max on the Newton

After reading the CNET UK Apple Newton vs Apple iPhone article, in which the Newton's capabilities were compared to those of the iPhone, I decided I was up to a new technical challenge and installed Mad Max, an MP3 player for the Newton MessagePad 2100. I have a 20MB flash card for my Newton but I wasn't interested in storing MP3s on my Newton: I have a 2nd generation iPod and an iPhone 3G from which I can play music. What intrigued me about Mad Max was its ability to stream MP3s through the Newton.

After installing Mad Max I also installed Victor Rehorst's LaunchPLS, a plug-in for Steve Weyer's Newtscape web browser. This allows you to open the URL in Newtscape and have it hand off to Mad Max, which doesn't have an easy way to manually write out the URLs for the site.

After everything was installed I opened Newtscape. I made life easier on myself and emailed myself the URL for a Camper Van Beethoven show on I copied and pasted the link into Newtscape and opened it.

Once Newtscape loaded the URL it handed off to Mad Max.

And there I had it: streaming MP3s on the Newton!