GarageBand on the iPhone: A Prophesy Come True

In 2007 I created a podcast for a Pepperdine Online Masters in Educational Technology project that talked about a technology from a future perspective. I pretended it was 2010, and I was reflecting on 2007. Rumors were flying that Apple was going to release some type of mobile phone, probably called an iPhone. I chose to talk about the "killer app" that was released concurrently, GarageBand, which put a mobile podcasting studio in your hands. In reality GarageBand was not released for the iPhone in 2007, but this made for an interesting story. Here is the podcast.

Today I learned Apple updated their GarageBand iOS app to work with any iOS device: iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. Of course I had to buy it! Finally, four years after I envisioned a complete mobile podcasting solution (and they threw in a great musical creation tool as well!). Projects can be shared to the iPhone user's iTunes account or emailed. From there they can be imported into the Mac GarageBand and added to.

I teach Kindergarten students how to use GarageBand on Macs. This year I have access to iPads and want to use them to help create tracks. Previously I had them use loops. It will be interesting to have the students using their fingers to create beats, play guitars or pianos on the iPad, and combine that with loops from the Mac to create songs.