LightLogo Housing

The LightLogo Arduino and Sparkfun NeoPixel Rings that my friends and I have been constructing have been pretty basic.

The 22 gauge hookup wire is enough to position and hold the light ring upright to display your awesome procedures. However, it seemed a little fragile with the bottom of the Arduino exposed and the wire providing structural support. I wanted to build a housing for my Arduino and NeoPixel ring.

I selected a small cigar box as my housing. My friend gave me a couple bags of these, and I am down to the last of them.

Next, I 3D printed an Arduino base that I found and liked. 

After drilling some holes in the bottom of the box, I used four plastic washers and bolts that came with my Thing-O-Matic to attach the base to the box.

The 3D printed holder for the NeoPixel ring was a remix of the Adafruit design. I added the same screw hole as the Arduino base used to the ring. I used a larger washer and the same bolts as I used for the Arduino to attach it to the inside lid of the cigar box.

I used Tinkercad to design wire clips that I 3D printed. I drilled small holes in the cigar box and inserted the clips. They hold the wires in place nicely.

As the last step, I remixed the Adafruit diffuser that covers the NeoPixel holder. It does a marvelous job of spreading the light a little and making it softer in appearance.

I hope you are able to use some of the 3D printed parts in the construction of your own LightLogo Arduino and NeoPixel ring combination.