Makey Go Xmas Tree

I am very excited my Makey Go arrived in time for Christmas! I programmed a Scratch project to make my Christmas tree play "Oh Christmas Tree" note by note each time I touch the tree.

Configure your Makey Go to use the "space" bar when it receives a touch. You might need to additionally configure the Makey Go to be "extra sensitive." Make sure you clip the alligator clip onto a nice green branch.

I used the List function in Scratch with this project, something I have been using more often.

A helpful 10 year old transcribed "Oh Christmas Tree" into the notes, and I transcribed the notes into Scratch numbers.

In order to reduce the size of the list and the amount of work I needed to do, I created a variable called verse and a variable called note. This way I could count notes and use that variable to set the verse. Setting the verse in turn allowed me to repeat parts of the list instead of needing to enter the data multiple times in the list. Tricky but not difficult.

What a whimsical first project! I enjoyed using the list function and the programming challenges that presented me. I look forward to this new programming paradigm with the Makey Go.