LEGO Tinkering

I insinuated myself into a project that a few of the guys at the Exploratorium are currently working on, intriguing LEGO constructions and machines that make art. We are using the Twitter hashtag #LEGOtinkering to share our creations, techniques, and art.

Most of the machines are built around LEGO Power Functions motors and battery packs, though I am also using Scratch and WeDo motors and a USB hub and an RCX brick running MicroWorlds EX Robotics Logo and RCX motors.

Each of my explorations have led me to new understandings of gears and gear trains, linkages, motor placement, and the art that results from different types of movement. The explorations have been useful for my collaborators, too.
It is rewarding for me to be able to collaborate with Ryan, Amos, and Sebastian on Twitter, to swap ideas, parts, and techniques, and to further the progress of our LEGO Tinkering robotic overlords.