Laser Cut and Milled LogoTurtle Chassis

One challenge in building your own LogoTurtle is producing the chassis, which needs to be as flat as possible. Oya Kosebey from The Makery offered her help in remixing an svg of the original 3D printed file into a laser cutter ready Illustrator file, posted on the LogoTurtle site.

Michael Mitchell helped me cut fifteen of the chassis from 1/4" birch plywood. They came out great, though it did take two carve passes to get all the way through the stock.

The chassis are wonderfully flat but too thick: the battery packs cause the LogoTurtle to bottom out!

I used the Othermill to etch two .125" deep recesses for the battery holders.

Assembled, the wood chassis LogoTurtle looks and draws beautifully!

The milling took extra time but I think it is worth having the chassis be 1/4" thick, since it is so flat. I would be interested to see if other people laser cut it from thinner plywood or even acrylic.


Anonymous said…
Id' go with acrylic. Cuts at a much lower power, great strength to weight ratio. Clean edges look amazing.