3D Printed Fisher Price "Records"

During my time as the Creator of Learning and Discovery Experiences one project I worked on was 3D printed records for the vintage Fisher Price phonograph. The vintage version of the phonograph operates like a music box, with the "stylus" consisting of many tines that are plucked by the notches in the record grooves. 

There is an excellent Instructable that walks you through the technical process of fabricating your own records using custom software. The program where you create the music that the record contains is a Windows executable. I run it in Wine on my Linux laptop; the sound does not work in Wine on my machine, unfortunately, but that does not stop me.

My latest records are a copy of part of "Stairway to Heaven," which is included along with the software. Additionally, I created another Moondog record, this time of part of his "Elf Dance." His music lends itself to a music box, in my opinion.
I would enjoy the opportunity to 3D print a record with a resin or powder-based printer. Milling a record would also be a fun opportunity. This is a fun project, especially if you take the opportunity to compose your own music for a custom record. Give it a try and share your work!