MacPaint Dot Matrix Art: Circuitboard01-03

Circuitboard01-03, 2016-17.

This is a piece I thought about for a while, worked on and didn't finish, then suddenly finished this afternoon.
I drew it in MacPaint on a Mac 512K using Brush Mirrors. I was given a Mac 512K and an ImageWriter I with two bags of ribbons in various colors. Evidently, kept properly packaged, they resist drying out.

I printed successive parts of the drawing in different color inks on the dot matrix printer. I rolled the tractor feed paper back into position as closely as I could to print over the same areas multiple times.

These photos are details of the piece, where you can see the impact from the print head. 

I really love this process; it is akin to multiple runs through a printing press from 1984.