LightLogo "Rain" and "Fireworks"

 I revisited the laser cut fresnel lens jig and stabilized the design with pieces of 1/2 inch PVC pipe.

I have also been tinkering with adding additional lenses on top of the fresnel lens. I have a credit card sized fresnel lens as well as a salvaged magnifying lens my friend gave me.

Additionally, using more than one Arduino or Metro Mini running LightLogo under the lenses produces wonderful effects whether running the same procedure or different procedures. I have also tinkered with placing the Arduinos on wood blocks to put them at different relative heights. With the Metro Mini, the neopixel ring is connected with wires long enough that it can be positioned at different heights or in different positions.

I ran my Rain procedure on three neopixel rings under a combination of lenses.

For the fourth of July I programmed three fireworks procedures.

The first illuminates every other pixel using random colors. Run as a loop, the procedure looks like a shell burst.

The second procedure chooses a color from random and starts at the first pixel, filling the ring and getting brighter with each pixel the turtle marches across.

The third procedure starts as a white shell making its way from the first pixel to the twenty fourth then exploding in a random color that fades to off.
Run as a group under the lenses, they are spectacular!