Chibitronics Jabberwocky

I tried a couple of new building techniques in my latest Chibitronics Chibi Chip and Scope project, a "framed" version of the Jabberwocky engraving complete with the poem displayed on the Scope and lights accentuating the action of the poetry.

I started with a printout of the engraving and planned the LED locations and when they would come on during the poem. I planned the lights on five different Chibi Chip pins on five different pieces of paper.

I found a frame on Thingiverse that I liked and sliced and diced it in Tinkercad to create four parts that I could 3D print and combine.

I primed and then painted the frame pieces as well as the cardboard frame backing.

Meanwhile, a cardboard backing cut to the same size as the frame with 1/4" x 1/8" wood dowel wrapping the edges served as the base on which I constructed a series of paper circuits using clear polyester, conductive copper and fabric tapes, and Chibitronic LEDs. Building multilayer circuits allowed me the freedom to overlap circuits without short circuiting them.

The engraving printout floats above the circuitry, creating better diffusion of the LEDs. 

The code required consideration of how the Scope displays text. It took fiddling.

The lights come on at crucial points in the text.

My wife, an English teacher, appreciated the project because it did not use technology for technology's sake. Rather, it led to a close reading of the poem to determine what points should be emphasized and when and where the lights come on.

I like the effect of setting the LEDs back a distance from the paper and the diffusion it creates. I was also pleased with how the 3D printed elements paired with the cardboard when both were painted the same color. Using the Scope to display the poem is a little imperfect but a nerdy effect. All in all, a fun project to display and share with others!