Wikifying my Summer's Notes

In OMET Cadre 9 we got to the point of joking about the necessity of setting up wikis for darn near anything.

I took a bunch of hand-written notes this summer, many off the top of my head and on the spur of the moment. I recently decided to take my OMET experiences to heart and to get the notes up on a wiki, where I could easily see them no matter where I was, could easily add to the notes as necessary, and to share the notes with other people running Tech Clubs.

I chose PBWiki from my experience using it as part of another Rev9 learning circle's presentation that utilized this particular wiki. I liked how clean it looked, and Brad suggested it after reviewing several different options.

If anything, getting the notes onto the wiki makes them more adaptable and easily kept up to date, as well as reduces the amount of scraps of paper taking up my space.