First Test Post

I'm trying to post this note from an eMate 300, wirelessly. We'll see how that goes....


Josh Burker said…
It worked!

It took some monkeying around with. These page helped:

Additionally, I had to figure out the correct settings, which have changed from what the wikiwikinewt page said:

Path: /api
Port: 80
Blogger 1.0

The eMate might be a good blogging device: keyboard, long battery life, wifi. When I don't want to lug the laptop along because of the temptation to get distracted, I could use the eMate to bust out blog entries.
eMate said…
Hi Josh,

I used nBlog too, and it works fine.

Didn't try it with the new blogspot setup yet.

My Newton blog is here :

Not much to read for a non-French speaking, but some images :-)

Best regards,