I am a graduate of Pepperdine's Online Master's in Educational Technology:

My gradute work site.

My Master's work was an Action Research project devoted to transforming an elementary school Tech Club into a more inclusive group. I involved more girls and students on the Autism Spectrum in my club. I am excited about the successes I had this school year and the work I will continue next year.

I built an extensive blog that I used for my Action Research. I am working to transition my blogging to this site. I chose Blogger for a few reasons:

•There exists a Newton client. Yes, that Newton, from Apple. I own a couple of Newtons, and the eMate 300 with a Wifi card is an ideal blogging client: it's lightweight, it keeps me focused on blogging, and it is retro nerd cool.

• Blogger worked well with my Flickr account. I can post to my blog from Flickr. I love how these web 2.0 tools tie together.

• I never received any comments (well, maybe one or two) on anything I blogged about in OMET. The personal version I maintained was a static html page. The program-provided blog space did not allow for any formatting or posting of photographs, something vital to my research and actions. Additionally, the blog failed to create a community of practice around the ideas I proposed. I hope this blog gives my ideas more exposure and people provide feedback and examples of implementation and practice.

I come out of OMET tired but envigorated. I want to get a good web 2.0 toolset in place as I hope to be making exhibition presentations, contributions to others' online projects, and making a difference in the near future. Hopefully Blogger, with its capabilities and the ease of access and compatibility with my existing web tools, will make the transition not only painless but more powerful for me and the community.