Best Pizza in Seattle

Meg and I just returned from sampling what we have deemed the best pizza in Seattle, Snoose Junction Pizzeria, on Market Street in Ballard. This is true New York-style pizza, with a crispy, thin crust, a zesty and sweet tomato sauce, and not too much cheese. Meg and I had given up on the possibility of a decent pizza in Seattle, having discounted Pagliacci, Mad Pizza (idiots), Good Guys, and other joints claiming to make pizza. Snoose Junction is the real deal. Their pies are very reasonably priced. They source from local suppliers, make their dough and sauce on site, and know what it means to claim to serve New York-style pizza. Plus they have an Addam's Family pinball machine, one of my favorites. They also used "green" building practices, recycling materials from the Leilani Lanes bowling alley, the old court house, bleachers from a local high school, and other sites. Given them a taste.