Children's Reviews of the OLPC XO Laptops

Over at OLPC News there are some "reviews" by children of the One Laptop Per Child's XO laptops. While short in written comment, there is a Flickr set of a young boy playing with the XO:

"[W]ith practically no help from the adults, he had started painting, typing, and playing with the webcam, cackling quite evilly the whole time."

There is also an awesome review written by a 12 year old about the laptops. She (or he) complains about the speed of the machine as well as the battery time, but overall finds the unit to be rugged, well designed, and fun to use. Interestingly, she or he wished there were another XO laptop in the area so the IM program could be used.

I particularly liked the cute Quebecois 8 and 10 year olds, who with some adult guidance, manage to replace the motherboard on an XO laptop: there is a YouTube video of the action. Negroponte expects 95% of repairs "in the field" should be accomplishable by students. I love the footage of the brother and sister puzzling out how the machine comes apart.

OLPC News Children's Review of OLPC XO Technology