WallyMath on the Newotn

I stumbled upon this post I made to the NewtonTalk list. Nobody has yet produced what could be a cool and simple hack for Notes and Works: math recognition, where you can write math equations and have the Newton interpret them on the fly. There is a proof of concept package that works, along with source code that is generously licensed.

Below is part of my original post on NewtonTalk:

So, we have source code to the WallyMath function and it runs under Newton OS 2.1. The code specifies that we are free to implement it so long as the code has credit as originating from Apple. How can we proceed to build a patch to Notes and perhaps NewtonWorks that will allow the implementation of WallyMath into these packages? With the source code it ought to be a matter of simply allowing Notes and Works to access this "recognition," for lack of knowing the proper terminology, that a patch might offer.