Top 3.3 for A/UX 3.x

In another time sink I located the patches in com.unix.aux and was able to get Top 3.3 to compile for A/UX 3.x systems. My release notes:

I am pleased to announce the availability of Top 3.3 for A/UX 3.x:

This directory contains a pre-compiled version of top 3.3 for A/UX 3.1.1 as well as the source code from which the binaries were built.

Compilation Notes:
It was compiled on an A/UX 3.1.1 Macintosh Quadra 700 using Apple's cc and make.

The included m_aux31.c machine module was buggy and would not compile with either cc or gcc. I tracked down a patch on comp.unix.aux that was never committed to the included machine module. Credit to Richard Henderson, who was responsible for top on A/UX, for this patch:

I was unable to use the patch files in A/UX or OS X, so I hand-applied the patches.

The three files patched, display.c, utils.c, and m_aux31.c, are included in this release.

Top is pretty machine-specific because it is looking at memory usage, etc. The patches should make this version of top run on any A/UX 3.x release.

Installation Notes:

Download and uncompress the top-3.3-aux-bin.tar.gz file:

gzip -dc top-3.3-aux-bin.tar.gz | tar xvfmo -

To install use CommandShell to navigate to the top-3.3-aux-bin directory and from within the directory type:

make install

The parts will be copied to the correct locations (/usr/local/bin/top and /usr/local/man/top.man1) on your A/UX box.