See You at ILC 2008!

I have been accepted to present at The Innovative Learning Conference 2008 in San Jose, CA! I will be teaching an hour long workshop on Scratch a constructivist-learning programming environment produced by MIT's Media Lab. I've been using Scratch with students for a couple of years now since Dr. Margaret Riel gave me an invitation to participate in the beta testing of the program. I have worked with several students as they produced different Scratch Projects.

In my presentation I will show educators just how fun and flexible Scratch can be as a learning tool. I will show off several different projects that Tech Club students have worked on to demonstrate just how flexible the software is. Then we'll look at programming a Scratch project right then and there to demonstrate how easy programming can be. Finally, I will use a Scratch Board, which can be used to get your Scratch projects interacting with the real world. Im going to hook mine up to a puppet and have a multimedia puppet show!

I hope to see you at ILC 2008: this is going to be a fun and informative presentation!


Hey Josh - Guess what? I am going to present an hour long workshop on VoiceThread at the ILC 08 too!! w00t w00t!!!

I will definitely come to your presentation b/c I would love to use Scratch with my computer club kids.

Glad to see you're putting that Master's Degree to good work!! :)