FETC 2009 Presentation: Lego, Stop-Motion, and Autism

I am very pleased to announce that I have been accepted to present at the Florida Educational Technology Conference in January, 2009. My presentation is "Lego, Stop-Motion Film and Autism: Collaborate, Create, Have Fun!" and will discuss and demonstrate the work that Steven, Tech Club members, and I did last year as we produced Steven's "Mission to Earth 2: Tom Helps Me" film.

Mission to Earth 2: Tom Helps Me

Mission to Earth 2: Behind the Scenes

This should be a very exciting presentation as I hope to instruct other educators working with Autistic students about the successes we had in this project. It is my hope that Steven's and my work will be replicated in other schools.


Maddy said…
Wow that sounds fabulous and congratulations to you!