My First Lesson at GFA

Today was the first day of school for Lower School students at Greens Farms Academy and my first day in the classroom with the students! Today I taught two first grade classes and a second grade class.

I wanted to showcase the new interactive SmartBoards that were installed over the summer. I also wanted to introduce myself to the students. To that end, I created a Notebook document that the students and I could interact with. The students learned about my drive across country, the people and places we saw and my wife and our dog. Additionally, they each got a chance to use the SmartBoard and experience the myriad technologies that can be used with an interactive white board, such as the Notebook software, Google Earth, and web pages. The students loved the photos of Zoƫ, Cadillac Ranch, and a scorpion under a blacklight.

The SmartBoards are pretty awesome educational tools. It will be exciting to break down the barriers of the classroom and redefine the space as the students use the interactive white boards to demonstrate to their peers and to interact with technology in a tactile, kinesthetic manner.


Guy Dickinson said…
Congratulations on the first day in class! Check out those uniforms--that could be me at Primary School in the UK.
Dr. Cummings said…
Welcome aboard, Josh.
Ellis Reyes said…
Hey Josh,

Barbara Tivnan told me that you moved to New England; what a coincidence! My family moved to Simsbury, CT this summer, so we're practically neighbors. Congrats on your new position at GFA, it looks like a fantastic opportunity for you.

Best Regards,

Ellis Reyes
(On leave from West Mercer)
Honey said…
Congratulations Josh!! You look good up in front of those first graders. :)

We all wish you luck with your new challenges and triumphs. GFA is so incredibly lucky to have you. You never do anything half way so they're all in store for a fantastic year with you.

Take care,