Avego Shared Transport

Via a NYTimes article, a cool new service called Avego Shared Transport (tm) that uses an iPhone client, a web client, GPS, GIS, SMS and micropayments to connect people who need a ride with people who have extra space in their cars.

When I commuted in Seattle I did it alone, along with many other drivers. While rideshares are a great idea, sometimes they are not practical, especially if you plan on running errands during your commute. A system like Avego, the Times notes, is that Avego's approach does not require the commitment to a ride share or carpool. Instead, commuters can make available seat space to riders as the driver sees fit.

The iPhone app is in beta. It will be interesting to see if the iPhone-toting commuters pick up on the app and build the critical mass to make this a powerful social networking app that helps cut down the number of cars on the road.


Steffen Frost said…
We recently gave a talk on carticipation at the Silicon Valley iPhone Developers' Meetup in Palo Alto and posted the video here (select "high quality" mode):

Josh Burker said…
Cool Steffan: another iPhone commuting app! Great work!
Sean O'Sullivan said…
Hey Josh: thanks for the plug on your blog... as you clearly understand, Avego is a different way of commuting than regular carpooling... appreciate your interest. In the first day, hundreds of people downloaded the application from 22 countries... hope that the pace continues like that over time, in which case we'll have a shot of building some decent critical mass! Best! Sean, Avego
Josh Burker said…
Thanks Sean (btw, Sean is the CTO at Avego)!

With downloads like that it appears you have found your niche! This is very exciting. I look forward to hearing more about Avego and the wonderful service it might provide.
Sean O'Sullivan said…
Thanks! Actually though, Harvey Appelbe is CTO. I'm the General Manager and co-founder of Avego (we've got about 20 people working on the technology!)

People actually are already using Avego services in Ireland... while it may take months (or longer!) for it to take off in the US, we've got bus companies and beta users etc using Avego here for a variety of commercial and non-commercial applications. More news to follow!
Josh Burker said…
Whoops, sorry about the job confusion, Sean!

My sister is thinking of trying to find a job in the tech sector in Ireland. It's great to see that Ireland is progressive in both green issues as well as pushing technological boundaries with their cool software! Thanks for the comments and best of luck with Avego; I cannot wait to see it hit this side of the pond, too. From the sounds of the NYTimes article, you have the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in Oakland, CA interested in Avego! Best of luck!