"A laptop the Jetsons would have used"

Dylan Tweney wrote a nice lament about the early death of the eMate 300 back in 1998.

It's interesting to read about the role the eMate served in schools and what it might have become had it been given a chance to mature.

I worked at a middle school that had a cart of eMates and while I was there I got them all updated and loaded with packages that supported the curriculum. There were some cool astronomy programs that a science teacher used, the yearbook teacher used them with her students to write copy using the built-in word processor, and the Multimedia Club I ran liked to play chess and rock, paper, scissors on them.

I bought an eMate a couple of years ago, a real nice one with the NewerTech memory upgrade. Outfitted with a wireless card, it makes a great blogging device because of its long battery life. I am taking mine along to FETC in a couple of weeks to live blog the sessions I attend.