Pranav Mistry's Sixth Sense

TED has posted Pattie Maes' presentation of her student Pranav Mistry's so-called "sixth sense" device. The cobbled together camera/projector/mobile phone augments the user's world with information that he or she might find useful: product reviews, biographical information, images captured as he or she goes through the physical world. Ms. Maes likens it to the technology in "Minority Report," but I found it to be much less threatening. The current device was built for $350; if it were mass-produced the price would certainly drop.

The technology is similar in a sense to the Chris Dede's augmented reality experiments and work, as well as the ubiquitous barcodes that Japanese mobile phone users can snap with their mobile phone cameras to gain additional information. The presentation demonstrated practical uses of a device like this and earned Mr. Mistry a well-deserved standing ovation.


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Pranav Mistry Sixth Sense