As part of the Responsive Classroom approach I started the school year asking the students what their hope for computer class was this year. I got many responses from the third, fourth, and fifth grades that they wanted to get better at keyboarding or become better typers. At first I thought they were paying me lip service: I mentioned to the students Type to Learn 4, the keyboarding program we use, and I thought that they were just humoring me by saying they wanted to be better at keyboarding.

However, as the number of students who wanted to become better at keyboarding increased, I realized that the student might truly have this hope. Reflecting on the issue, I realized that many of these students are already using computers at home. They are writing emails and instant messaging each other. Especially with IM, being able to keyboard fast and accurately is a skill that is truly important to these students. They really want to become better keyboarders because the skill is meaningful to them.

I look forward to helping instruct the students in proper keyboarding techniques and to provide them with additional opportunities to keyboard. Besides Type to Learn 4, I like using Dance Mat Typing, FingerJig and Type Racer