Apple Logo //

I have been using TurtleArt with my third grade students and decided to give Apple Logo // a try on my Apple IIgs.

To make physical floppies I network boot the Apple IIgs to a Quadra 610 running AppleShare Server 3.

I download the .dsk file I need from the Internet and copy it to a HFS formatted floppy disk. Then I copy the .dsk file to a partition on my CFFA card in the Apple IIgs while booted to the AppleShare Server. I then reboot the Apple IIgs into ProDOS to run Dsk2File and write a physical floppy from the .dsk file.

I used the LCSI manual for Logo II on my MacBook to get me through a few tutorials and to draw some shapes.

I ended up working with Dr. Gary Stager's Dreamtime Designs for the afternoon. This project helped me better understand the role math can play in generating recursive patterns.


Joan said…
Stumbled across this - how timely. I'm looking to revive an old Apple Sprite Logo card. It would have run the LCSI Logo, but possibly a "Sprite Logo" version. You wouldn't happen to have a .DSK suitable for use with this, would you? I can't find my original floppy, and who knows if it'd even be readable anymore.
Josh Burker said…
I'm glad you liked it!

Try to look for the disk on