Glow Doodle

I was fortunate to meet Eric Rosenbaum at Constructing Modern Knowledge 2012. Here is Eric sitting between Marvin Minsky and Brian Harvey demonstrating how his Makey Makey controller works with Scratch. 

They used the Makey Makey controller to turn a cupcake into a game controller! Marvin's touch exposed an issue with resistance, cupcakes, and the Makey Makey. The Makey Makey is awesome hardware, and I have mine pre-ordered.

Eric is also the author of Glow Doodle, an application I originally saw on Lifehacker. Along with Singing Fingers, which I put on my iPhone and my work iPad, these apps make interesting use of video and sound. Glow Doodle works particularly well with light spray bottles. I found a great Instructable

I learned of an animating version of Glow Doodle on the project's blog. I prefer this version because it saves to the local hard drive instead of the Internet. 

I would love to have fifth grade students assemble light spray can kits for them and the younger students to use. Picasso painted with light: elementary students should, too!