Squishy Circuits Operation Game

I cooked up a batch of conductive dough. I want to build squishy circuits with the elementary age students with whom I work.

It molds like play dough and can be tinted any color you like. Next time I'm going for something other than raw beef color.

I used the conductive dough to build a squishy circuit version of Operation, where you remove the patient's organs and bones without touching the metal lining the hole. I upcycled a pair of chopsticks, a small cardboard box, and aluminum foil. I also used a length of wire and some LEGO.

Here is the circuit schematic for Operation.

I cut out the shape of the organ with an X-Acto knife.

I used a glue stick to glue a piece of aluminum foil around the "game portal" part of the box. I tucked an LED that I hot glued to the box under the aluminum foil before gluing the foil to the box.

One more piece of foil provides a lead that the conductive dough can be set on to create the circuit.

The chopstick is covered in aluminum foil and bound at the top with a rubber band. It is connected by a wire to the negative blob of conductive dough. If the chopstick touches the foil on the game portal while trying to retrieve the LEGO organ, the circuit is closed. The LED lights up and a buzzer, connected along the positive side of the circuit, sounds.


cjdannenbrink said…
Thanks for the idea and the schematic! Our science class is knocking this out tomorrow :)