Exploring Negative Space with Turtle Blocks JS 3D Printed Stencils

I used Turtle Blocks JS to design a very simple hexagon in two different sizes. After downloading SVG files of the design, part of the procedure I programmed, I imported the files into Tinkercad

There, using a combination of the design, negative space, and resizing, I was able to create a stencil that I could 3D print on my Thing-O-Matic. The stencil has three different sized hexagons. I used the largest for this project.

Using 4-ply mat board left over from my Dreamachine, I traced the pattern onto the mat board along a line I marked. I repeated this from the top and bottom of the mat board.

Making sure to mark the negative space, I starting carefully cutting, letting the blade, not my massive muscles, do the cutting.

The resulting cut mat board is a simple design but very interesting in its repetition. More rows would solidify the design, in my mind. I think this design would look best in portrait orientation. I want to build a shadow box illuminated with an RGB LED from the interior bottom of the frame.