Homebrew Drawdio

Jay Silver helped me build a Drawdio to his original specifications! We used his original schematic from his web site, which is for a PCB, not a breadboard. It took some figuring out but Jay treated the project as an opportunity to teach me so much about circuitry, how a breadboard works, and how components in circuitry work. In the end we hooked up the battery and tried it out.

Success! Since the circuit uses a 9v battery instead of a single AAA and has a large 8 ohm speaker in place of the Drawdio's .5 ohm, it is loud!

This Drawdio circuit is so loud I put it in a box!

I cut a hole in the bottom of the cigar box with a jig saw (not my best cut, but at least it is on the bottom). I used a Turtle Blocks design I previously programmed as a speaker grill and holder and 3D printed it. 

Likewise, I 3D printed a battery holder

The two wires to which you connect the world to the Drawdio were secured to the top of the box with a pair of 8mm M3 bolts, washers, and nuts.

I soldered a wire to the metal tip of a fantastic mechanical pencil that Jay gave me. The wire winds around the pencil and has a loop at the top for an alligator clip.

My friend came over and jammed out with the Drawdio, a wet plastic placemat, and my son!

I finished off the project with a 3D printed pencil holder. It holds then pencil inside the box when not in use.