Geometry Everywhere: Hexagons

One of my favorite things about programming in Logo is exploring geometry. Once you start thinking about geometry you can find inspiration in the most mundane places.

One of my son's favorite breakfasts is a bowl of "hexagons," as my wife and I have always called them, and he calls them. When I bought a box I thought, "That's a fun idea!"
I programmed the LogoTurtle to draw hexagons of random sizes within a range of values. After it draws a hexagon it picks up its pen, turns somewhere between 1 and 360 degrees, and moves a little or a little more forward. It continues working on those drawings until the batteries wear out.

I finished the piece by programming a 180 degree arc with a big radius for the bowl. I ran the bowl procedure four times. I call the finished piece "Hexagon Cereal."

Find some geometric inspiration around you. You can use TurtleArt, Turtle Blocks, Scratch, or many other programming environments to explore complexity built from simple designs.