LogoTurtle Trees

I was so taken by the earlier tree design that I adapted another of Michael Friendly's Logo procedures to the LogoTurtle, this time one that uses some randomness to create a much more organic looking tree that renders differently each time the turtle draws it.
to random.tree :l :a :depth
if :depth = 0 [stop]
let [len random 0 :l]

let [ang random 0 :a]
fd :len
lt :ang fd :len
random.tree :l :a (:depth - 1)
bk :len rt 2 * :ang fd :len
random.tree :l :a (:depth - 1)
bk :len lt :ang
bk :len
I created trees and their roots for each season. The spring buds, summer foliage, and fall plumage all are different procedures. I adapted Erik Nauman's awesome generative arcs procedure for the fall leaves.

 Tree 1 (Winter)

Tree 2 (Spring)

Tree 3 (Summer)

Tree 4 (Fall)

I am really happy with the way the series turned out. There is a beautiful level of abstraction in how the trees are drawn, and I love the variety of foliage procedures I programmed. 

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing your own version of one of the trees: Seymour the floor turtle would be happy to draw you one.