Lights and Blocks

My family has been building wood blocks before my son's bedtime and lighting them with Tangeez blocks, a LightLogo neopixel ring, and a MurphLab LED light box for which my father-in-law built a heavy-duty wood enclosure.

My son likes building houses that are lit up from within.

I like building monuments.

At my son's request, my wife built a pizzeria with a glowing red pizza oven and plenty of seating.

Adding lights to block play brings shadows, colors, and surprising details. Even if you do not have "fancy" lights like me, you can easily incorporate a small flashlight, a few 3V coin batteries and LEDs of different colors, or even other toys that light up. The light and shadows add new elements to the narratives that grow from playing and building with the blocks. Adding a LightLogo neopixel ring allows for deeper play with light, as you get to program light designs and patterns to illuminate your structures. Try adding lights to your pre-bedtime block play: you will find it to be a relaxing, beautiful time to bond as a family and tell tales.