Tinkering With LightLogo

In order to teach the students how to solder, breadboard, and program a microcontroller, I have been facilitating projects with LightLogo at the Wilton Library Young Maker Club.

We started by learning to solder the header pins onto the Adafruit Metro Mini microcontroller.

A 24 LED NeoPixel ring is connected to the Metro Mini via the breadboard. 

You can download LightLogo and install it on a Metro Mini or an Uno.

It did not take them too long to develop fascinating patters with small Logo procedures.

Two of the participants, who are brothers, tinkered with my idea of housing the Metro Mini and the NeoPixel ring in a small wood box with a fresnel lens on one side.

With the addition of a second larger fresnel lens they found they could project the light patters, first on the ceiling then on a piece of tag board.

They are now thinking about a contained projection unit that would play on these ideas that they have been developing.