Cybernetic Forest

"Cybernetic Forest" is a nod to Richard Brautigan and an electronically enhanced ink drawing. I programmed the Logo routines for the parts of the drawing and the LogoTurtle drew them for me. Once the drawing was completed I created a circuit using conductive copper tape. Chibitronics electronic stickers make the magic happen.

I started by programming the trees. 

Some trees have foliage, but the big gray one lived out its life.

There are multiple layers of grasses.

The circuit was built on polyester. It was rough traced first with a dry erase pen.

The circuit uses the Chibitronics light sensor sticker and twinkle effect sticker to control the circuit.

LEDs are connected so they alternate and do not all twinkle in unison.

I cut two mats, one for the front and one for the back. This way if I take the frame down from the wall I can show people the circuitry.

A 3D printed battery holder is connected to the circuit.

The light sensor sticker detects brightness and gradually turns on the LED as the room dims.

Here is the complete set of photos.

Cybernetic Forest