LogoTurtle Knows the Alphabet

I was inspired by Erik Nauman's student's project to program the LogoTurtle to draw the alphabet. I mused in a reply tweet that one could program each letter in a single document then call the letters in the startup procedure to spell words. And thus began a great Logo programming challenge.

I drew the first four letters on a piece of graph paper to determine the overall size of each letter. The letters occupied a 10 x 10 grid that I translated to a 100 x 100 grid on the LogoTurtle. Also, each letter was programmed so the LogoTurtle returned to where it started. This way I could program a kerning procedure to move the LogoTurtle into place to draw the next letter in a word.

I programmed about four letters an evening, refining the angles and degrees so it could write with relative precision when I finished.

I wrote my son's name with the first complete alphabet procedure.

You can download the alphabet text file and use it with your LogoTurtle. It is an interesting addition to the LogoTurtle's capabilities. It was also a fun experience to design a "font," though I claim no proficiency at this art form!