3D Printed Donut

A couple weekends ago my son and I went and bought some donuts. Before we ate them I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny to 3D scan one of the donuts?" My son was extremely patient while I used a Structure Sensor 3D scanner to capture his donut. He was rewarded with the original after I scanned it.

Once scanned I imported it into Tinkercad to size it (I was smart and measured the donut before he ate it all). 

I printed the donut on a MakerBot Replicator in white ABS filament.

My son wanted one, too, so I 3D printed him one.

They looked good but they needed some paint. We sanded them lightly with steel wool. I used a spray primer on them.

Next, I mixed yellow, white, and a little brown acrylic paint to get the perfect donut color.

We gave the donut two coats of the donut color. The frosting was also acrylic paint, appropriately named "Dark Chocolate."

Finally, after letting the "frosting" dry we used a 3Doodler pen to add white "frosting" stripes.

I was very excited by how realistic the painted models turned out. I kept catching them out of the corner of my eye and wanted to eat them!