Restoring a Vinyl Record with Glue

It sounds counterintuitive, but you can restore a vinyl record using wood glue. I heard about this process before but had not tried it. 

I bought a 1973 pressing of "Dark Side of the Moon." The jacket was in beautiful condition but the record was pretty unlistenable: while it did not skip it was noisy, with lots of dust and grime in the tracks.

Throwing caution to the wind I googled the process and learned that I wanted to use TiteBond wood glue. I made sure to liberally coat side A and to spread the glue as evenly as possible.

I let the glue dry for about twenty hours before peeling it off. The difference between side A and B was immediately noticeable.

The sound quality was completely improved, too. While not pristine, the record is listenable again!

I repeated the process for side B. Now I have a good sounding original pressing of this awesome album.

I also have plans for the side B cast of the record I made: stay tuned!