Robot Josh's Glasses

Robot Josh got an upgrade to his 3D printed glasses frames in time for the NYAIS STEAM Camp that he attended. I added Chibitronics LEDs to a wire "frame" that connects to the frames. The wires plug into the same Arduino that I am using to control the motors, which resulted in some programming errors and frustration that was eventually ironed out.

The wire was soldered to the positive and negative pads on the Chibitronics LED stickers, creating a parallel circuit. The wire was affixed to the frames with a little hot glue. I tested the circuit and LEDs after assembly with a 3V coin battery.

I sewed loops at either end of a piece of flat elasticized fabric to create a eyeglass "harness."

The wires from the glasses plug into the same Arduino with the Seeedstudio motor shield. As is often the case with my Arduino IDE programming, I managed to place the LED code in a place in the void loop where I affected the switch that counted the motor rotations. It took a fair amount of debugging: I thought it was hardware for a while, and when that path dried up I turned to the software and figured out the issue. 

Now, when Robot Josh gets paid he dances and his eyes also play a little light dance, too! Here he is, so excited to be debugged that he is dancing without his shirt!