Ersatz Nature: Log

I found a log in my wood pile that had a great recess where a branch had once been.

I measured the hole with digital calipers and designed a gasket in Tinkercad that I 3D printed to hold a piece of felt in place at the bottom of the hole.

The speaker fits neatly into the hole behind the felt.

I used a chisel to carve out part of the log so I could stick a quarter sized breadboard on the back of the log.

I used the PCM library for audio playback, based on this tutorial from the High Low Tech Group. The sample sketch did not lend itself to repeating on a constant loop: I found a sketch with a looping option.

I also added a "hook" so the log can be hanged from a wall.

I left it running for a while yesterday and it was amazingly suggestive of the warmer months. I dig the combination of technology and natural artifacts that behave unexpectedly. I want to continue exploring this ersatz series.