Pioneer Receiver Lamp Replacement

I inherited my dad's Pioneer SX-535 receiver when he upgraded his stereo system back in the 1990s. I love the sound from this 1970s tech: so warm and full. I had it serviced about 15 years ago, but over time the bulbs burned out.

I found replacement LED bulbs online. I also found a good tutorial on YouTube. After watching him break his dial indicator finger I decided to skip trying to replace the LED in this part.

The circuit board is a thing of 1970s IC beauty. I gave it a blast with compressed air to get any dust off of it and out of the cabinet.

Here is a burned out bulb and its LED replacement.

I made sure I oriented the Stereo LED correctly by hooking it up with alligator clips before soldering the connection.

The cabinet is made of wood, not plastic!

It is great to have all the lights back: it looks so cool!